Balluff Pty Ltd.

About us

Balluff Ltd was formed in 2014 having had representation in Australia and New Zealand since 1999 with the aim of expanding its current technical excellence and outstanding customer service to the broader market. Today Balluff is stronger than ever, and the innovation of new products has allowed expansion into new markets across the manufacturing and process sectors.

The Balluff product range is supported throughout Australia and New Zealand by a professional team of highly skilled sales engineers, technical specialists and a world-class customer support team. Using their practical experience and expertise, solutions are tailored to customer needs resulting in improved manufacturing processes and lower costs. This could be in form of an individual sensor required for detection in an arduous environment or a complete machine connectivity system using the latest Industrial Networking technology.

Areas of application include Object Detection, Linear Position Sensing, Industrial RFID, Fluid Sensors and Industrial Networking. Balluff sensors utilise inductive, photoelectric, vision, ultrasonic, capacitive, pressure and magnetic technologies to solve your automation object detection applications.

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Awarded the title of top employer, we ensure best possible work conditions and thus promote close, long-term relationships with our employees.