M18 photoelectric sensors

BOS 18M background suppression - expertise with all kinds of light

Balluff high-performance M18 light sensors with background suppression are a real highlight. They are available in different light types, so you can easily make the best choice for your requirements.

The perfectly focussed beam of the laser variant detects the smallest of parts, slots, and holes with top reliability and precision, even at a distance of up to 150 mm.

The large 300 mm light spot of the red light variant is ideal for detecting objects with notches, holes, or openings, since apertures and gaps are easily bridged.

If you need top-precision differentiation between the foreground and background, even at short distances, the 150 mm red light version is ideal.

Your benefits

  • Accurate, practically colour-independent object detection
  • The right type of light for every single application
  • Laser or red light
  • Precise adjustment with a 10-turn potentiometer
  • Identical and robust metal M18 housing for all types
  • Universal fixation and alignment with wide range of assembly accessories

Example application (spring detection)

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