BOS 18M photoelectric sensor

Best in class - for top precision: now as complete family with red and infrared light

Meet diverse application requirements even more flexibly

The complete product family now makes it even easier to meet the most diverse application requirements in the best possible way and to benefit from the high-range, precise switching behaviour and excellent repeat accuracy of the products. The cables and retainers are identical for all variants and offer the advantage of time and cost savings.

For harsh environments

The metal housing makes the 18M particularly impervious. The highly visible light spot of the red light types can be aligned quickly and precisely. In the event of serious contamination, infrared light ensures the required functional reliability. This means that all objects are always detected correctly, even at a distance.

Wide variant diversity

Diffuse light sensors and reflective or through-beam light barriers are all available with red or infrared light. For high-end and standard applications. With or without adjustability.

Red light – free choice of setting

The red light 18M is available either with teach-in or a robust potentiometer, so users can select as desired. The highly visible light spot can be aligned quickly and precisely, even in daylight. You therefore not only use reliable technology but benefit from simpler handling as well.

A further benefit

With the teach-in versions, users can also make use of the patented Dynamic Sensor Control (DSC) diagnostics system and can therefore react immediately to contamination or malfunctions. If you do not use DSC, sensors with a separate alarm output are available as an alternative.

Infrared light – invisible and powerful

If sensors are exposed to extremely high levels of contamination or the visible red light interferes with the application, infrared light is ideal. Objects are reliably detected even in dusty and dirty environments. With the high-power version of the through-beam light barrier, they can even be detected up to a range of 100 metres. The high performance values mean excellent functional reliability.

GlobalProx - solid but inexpensive

Sensors with a permanently set range are available for standard applications - both with red light and with infrared light. Our robust and inexpensive 18M GlobalProx range consists of plug-and-play devices that keep commissioning to a minimum and prevent subsequent manipulation.

Your benefits at a glance

Red light

  • Quick, simple, and precise adjustment through visible light
  • Simple function check in the application
  • Long range, precise switching behaviour


  • Reliable object detection even in difficult environments
  • No irritation to people, since the light is invisible
  • Extra high range, extremely resistant to dirt

  • Easy installation, plug-and-play
  • Cost-effective quality
  • Rapid sensor replacement, manipulation-resistant

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