Simply retrofitted reliability

BTL 7 redundant micropulse transducers

The new BTL 7 redundant micropulse transducer is a robust, contact-free, and absolute position measuring system that can be freely configured. Up to three independent measurement sections and three independent electronics modules are compactly housed in a single rod. This guarantees redundant signal generation and a high level of reliability.


  • Resolution, repeat accuracy to 0.005 mm
  • Full metal housing, enclosure rating IP 67
  • Measurement range of 25 - 2000 mm
  • Approved by Germanischer Lloyd


The BTL 7 Redundant is particularly suitable for applications where increased safety requirements need to be satisfied, e.g. in the pressure area of hydraulic cylinders. However, thanks to its compact size, the new redundant rod can easily replace existing non-redundant position measuring systems - often with no need to modify actuators and equipment beforehand - since the same threads and/or protective tubes are available as for the BTL 5 micropulse transducer. To replace such rod transducers, the BTL 7 is available in the most common designs.

Overview of designs

BTL7-...-TB-... rod diameter: 10.2 mm
Thread: M18x1.5

BTL7-...-TZ-... rod diameter: 10.2 mm
Thread: ¾"-16 UNF

BTL7-...-TT-... rod diameter: 21 mm
Thread: M30x1.5

BTL7-...-TK-... connecting flange, ø 18h6

A further benefit: cost savings thanks to easier and quicker commissioning

The start and end point can be set conveniently with the PC over the entire measuring range. And even complex configurations can be undertaken easily and securely. For instance, parameter sets can be saved and loaded. Setting parameters can be documents.

Your benefits

  • Safety function easily retrofitted
  • Flexible safety concept; choice of redundancy: double or triple
  • Machine design can be retained
  • Quick commissioning, characteristic curve can be set over entire measuring range
  • Diagnostic LEDs enable an optimum overview of each active channel
  • Contact- and wear-free

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