Capacitive level detection

Really easy with the new GlobalProx series

Balluff GlobalProx sensorsCapacitive sensors for fill level detection combine diverse usage possibilities for the realisation of your applications with the best possible level of EMC protection. The complete range comprises M12, M18, and M30 variants in plastic and stainless steel housings.

This capacitive sensor reliably detects the fill level of pellets, powders, and viscous or liquid media. Dust, reflections, and object textures and colours have no effect on it. This prevents machine damage as a result of machines running dry. Capacitive fill level sensors also ensure reliable leak monitoring on hydraulic tubs, for example.

All devices can be adapted to your application extremely well using potentiometers. The non-flush switching characteristic provides more effective compensation for adhesions that come into contact with the material.

Capacitive GlobalProx sensors in fill level detection

Balluff GlobalProx sensors in use

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