Optoelectric sensors BOS 50K

Red light family with large sensing range

The new sensors from the BOS 50K series form a complete family that includes thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors and diffuse sensors with or without background suppression, offering users amazing flexibility in a host of application areas.


The optical sensors operate with red light and combine top performance with compact dimensions. The red light of these optical sensors shines visibly further and guarantees reliable object detection, even over large distances or under difficult ambient conditions. These all-rounders are suitable for a range of sectors, from the automobile to the wood machining industry.

Simple installation

The bright, highly visible and sharply contoured light spot makes the sensors easy to align. Adjustment with the robust potentiometer is quick, easy and precise. The user-friendly plastic enclosure is also easy to install, even in harsh environments due to its robust nature. All models have a 4-pin M12 connection and a PNP switching output. The output function is available as an NO or antivalent contact. (NPN and NC contacts are available on request.)

Functional reliability

Highly visible indicator LEDs allow the user to check functions during operation. With a fault indicator and error output, diffuse sensors with background suppression offer a high degree of operational reliability.

Diffuse sensor with HGA, max. sensing range 2 m

  • extremely low gray value shift for virtually color-independent object detection
  • precision adaptation to the application with 10-speed potentiometer
  • fault indicator and error output for maximum operational reliability

Diffuse sensor with max. sensing range of 2 m

  • no reflector or second device required
  • precision adaptation to the application with 270° potentiometer
  • signal strength indicator for simple alignment and monitoring during operation

Reflection sensor with max. sensing range of 22 m

  • high-quality terminal ensures reliable detection of shiny objects
  • precision adaptation to the application with 270° potentiometer
  • simple alignment, even for long distances

Thru-beam sensor with max. sensing range of 60 m

  • immune to ambient light – with intelligent electronics and optical filters
  • precision adaptation to the application with 270° potentiometer
  • extensive range: visible red light with large sensing range

Application example

Thru-beam sensors monitor sawmill machinery so that entering tree trunks are aligned and sawn correctly. The large sensing range also allows the safe installation of sensors outside the conveying area. The visible red light allows for easy alignment of sensors and ensures sawn wood of the highest quality.

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