5-port Ethernet switch

Link system components more easily with Ethernet

Ethernet-based network systems are becoming increasingly important in industrial automation. They are quick to install and efficiently transfer process data to the controller.

Balluff not only provides a wide variety of Ethernet-based systems and network components such as Profinet or Ethernet/IP for machine and plant equipment, they also now offer a complete Ethernet system. We have extended our Ethernet range to include a 5-port switch: Ethernet system components are easier to link to the Ethernet system as a result.

With the 5-port switch, it is now possible to connect up to five Ethernet devices to one component radially. Here, the RJ45 ports support transfer rates of 10 and 100 Mbit/s.

The transfer speed is set automatically using the auto negotiation function. Wiring errors are reliably ruled out by the auto crossing function. The module identifies on its own which cable type is being used.

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