Capacitive standard sensors

BCS Q40 Uniflat – compact, slimline design

Kapazitiver Sensor BCS Q40 von Balluff The economical standard line of capacitive sensors for object or fluid level detection is now available as an ultra-slimline design in a compact plastic casing measuring 40x40x10 mm. Available with cable or pigtail connection.


The BCS Q40 Uniflat capacitive sensor detects oil or granulate through non-metallic walls up to 6 mm thick. Fitted on the base of the container, it makes an ideal leakage detector.

Application examples

  • Checking contents in feeder systems
  • Checking contents in repacking systems
  • Scanning fill level through cardboard
  • Detecting leakage 

Sensing distance

The sensing distance is finely adjustable between 1 and 20 mm. There a 20-increment potentiometer available for the purpose.
As pigtail, the capacitive Q40 Uniflat offers a PNP output, which is available as either a make-switch or break-switch.
With the cable version, the output can also be programmed as an NPN. In that case, both the NPN and the PNP can, of course, be set as make-switches or break-switches.


The BCS Q40 Uniflat capacitive sensor can be fitted flush and fixed with either screws, cable ties or brackets. In addition, its universal 45° cable outfeed provides even more versatility.

Fixing options

  • M4 through-bolts
  • M3 with captive nuts on both sides
  • Countersunk M4 fitting using DIN 920 screws
  • Mounting bracket for Balluff fixing system available
  • Cable ties for fixing to containers and pipes

LED indicators for power and switching status

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