Weld-resistant Factor 1 sensors

In a steel housing and with a coating

Machines that work in production lines in the automotive industry are exposed to weld spatters. This results in conventional weld-resistant sensors failing quickly as a result of build-up.

Balluff has therefore developed a high-quality ceramic coating for weld-resistant Factor 1 sensors. This prevents welding spatter from building up, is abrasion-resistant and ideal for cleaning because it is based on a ceramic-PTFE mixture. This increases the service life significantly. In particular, the robust steel housing on the weld-spatter-resistant sensors provides a high level of functional reliability.

Further benefits

  • High level of application reliability, even in direct contact with the object
  • The housing and sensor label are optimised for the automotive industry
  • Ideal for applications with variable detection objects (steel, Al, CuZn and Cu)
  • Steelface sensor 20 x 32 mm: High-strength ceramic coating, weld-spatter-resistant
  • Simple installation and integration thanks to the compact design

Areas of application

  • Welding equipment
  • Lightweight construction
  • Automotive
  • Materials handling
  • Handling
  • Assembly
  • Speciality machine building

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