Accessories for push-pull connectors

For Profinet BNI push-pull modules

For fast and easy assembly
Balluff is offering the right connectors for the new push-pull variants of the Profinet modules. For signal or data transfer, choose between fibre-optic cables (FOC) and copper cables.

The push-pull connection technology for field bus and power cables was specified by AIDA (Automatisierungs-Initiative Deutscher Automobilhersteller (Automation Initiative of German Car Manufacturers)). Push-pull guarantees fast, easy assembly.

Advantages of fibre-optic cables
For highly available, data-intensive applications, optical data transmission is typically the preferred choice.

Among others, polymer optical fibres (POF) offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent protection against electro-magnetic influences (EMC)
  • A broad transmission bandwidth and
  • Long ranges

With the potential insulation supplied as standard, equalisation currents and surges can be avoided effectively. This is why fibre-optic cables have now become the norm for industrial data communication.

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