Power supply units with Heartbeat® technology

The efficient power supply

Different performance categoriesPower supply units with Heartbeat® technology
Intelligent power supplies with Heartbeat® technology from Balluff reliably and efficiently provide power to every application. Power supply units are available in the 60 W, 120 W, 240 W and 480 W performance categories. Power Boost enables a 150% reserve capacity for peak demands.

Load and stress display

The power supply unit uses Heartbeat® technology to report continuously on the internal status of the device. It also shows the current load situation (load) as well as the current stress placed on internal components (stress).

Predictive servicing

Furthermore, the Lifetime display provides the crucial information for predictive servicing or condition-based maintenance concepts. Thanks to the continuous internal monitoring of service parameters of the power supply unit, an outage warning is given in good time. At the same time, the service life of the unit is extended as far as possible.

IP20 and IP67

The ultra compact set-up of the IP20 is suitable for use in control cabinets. Heartbeat® power supply units in IP67 are available for on-site operation in harsh environments.

Integrable into overarching diagnostics solutions

By using IO-Link, the intelligent functions can be integrated into innovative, overarching diagnostics solutions – yet another benefit. As a result, they set the benchmark in modern servicing concepts for machines and systems.


  • Super-slim design
  • IP20 and IP67
  • Intelligent functions with Heartbeat®
  • IO-Link communications interface

Application example

The compact design of the IP20 power supply units save space in the control cabinet

The compact design of the IP20 power supply units save space in the control cabinet.

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