Supershorties inductive sensors

Optimised for handling technology

Supershorties, the smallest inductive sensors in Balluff's range, enable position detection in systems where there was previously no space for sensors. Their use enables the further miniaturisation of components, since supershorties hardly take up any space at all.


  • Simple assembly - sensor is glued in
  • Flexible thanks to optional radial cable exit

Smallest dimensions for high power in small spaces

  • Integrated installation possible even in compact components such as linear units, valves, and actuators

Ideal for application with high dynamics

  • Applications with extremely fast accelerations such as pick-and-place applications are possible due to the low weight of the sensors (just 0.7 g)

Simple to install and integrate

  • The entire electronics are integrated into a housing that is just 6 mm long (no external amplifiers required)

Inductive supershorties in use