Position monitoring for hydraulics - with mini-sensors

Easy to integrate and reliable to 500 bar

Balluff high-pressure-resistant inductive sensorsThe M12 design is for end stop checks on hydraulic cylinders and the monitoring of valve positions. In hydraulics, there is a trend towards miniaturisation - massive power in small spaces.

Areas of application for inductive mini.s sensors
Miniaturised hydraulics

  • Assemblies
  • Valves
  • Block cylinders

Make the most of the new mini.s sensors

  • High-pressure-resistant M8 and M5 miniature sensors
  • Easy integration into hydraulic actuators
  • Switching distance of 1.5 mm (M8) and 1.0 mm (M5)
  • Temperature range of -25 to +80 ºC

High pressure-rated BHS inductive sensors in use