Stainless steel capacitive sensors

Ready and willing to meet stringent requirements

Balluff BCS stainless steel sensorsStainless steel capacitive sensors are typically used for fill level control and the detection of liquid media in sectors with extremely high hygiene requirements. They meet all the prerequisites for ensuring that production processes are safe, stable, and hygienic. And perfected fastening and wiring technology in stainless steel guarantees optimal integration.

Thanks to their food-safe stainless steel housings and tested resistance to aggressive cleaning agents, they are ideal for wet and high-hygiene processes in the food industry. They have top leak-tightness thanks to ratings of 67, IP 68, and IP 69K. They are also temperature-resistant to 120 °C. This guarantees a long service life and process safety. In other words: excellent quality.

Our capacitive sensors are not only masters of applications for object and fill level detection in high-requirement sectors such as the food industry and pharmaceuticals; they also prove their worth in other applications where sensors are exposed to harsh environments.

In addition to traditional cylindrical designs, these sensors are available as a cube or flat plate device, made from chemically resistant materials to enable use in a wide range of applications. You simply choose the design that suits your needs.

Stainless steel capacitive sensors

  • For high mounting torques
  • Ideal for harsh environments, the food industry, plastics, special machines, and the wood and furniture sector

Stainless steel sensors

Balluff stainless steel capacitive sensors