HF data carriers with 13.56 MHz for high temperatures

200 °C with BIS M data carriers

If RFID needs to be used on painting lines or in production processes at high temperatures, robust high-frequency data carriers are required.

Here, the high-performance, high-frequency BIS M 107 data carrier is ideal. In particular, it has proven its worth in applications requiring data transmission in harsh environments and with long read/write distances.

Without any contact, it records all data, thus making it trackable. Its unlimited read/write cycles ensure flexible and fast communication, even with large volumes of data. And the wear-free system can be integrated into all controllers.

Your benefits

  • 200 °C
  • Tested over 1000 hours (continuous temperature)
  • 30 mm typical read/write distance
  • Robust housing
  • Assembly on metal with a temperature-resistant underlay as a spacer
  • ISO 15693
  • 112 byte memory capacity