Identification without diversions

Processor for Mitsubishi controller

The BIS M-688-001 13.56 MHz HF processor was developed especially for integration into the Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q series. All read/write heads in the BIS M series can be connected up to the 2-channel card. Thanks to the wide range of variants, there is a suitable configuration for every single application.

The MELSEC-Q series allows the user to put together the best possible combination of CPU modules and communication, special, and I/O modules. This results in tailored systems with maximum flexibility. Thanks to RFID, processes are more transparent and efficient.

Your benefits

  • Easy commissioning with free-of-charge function modules
  • Direct integration into the controller so no need for decentralised wiring
  • Function display right on the terminals
  • Enclosure rating IP 40

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