Capacitive sensors go the extra mile

Balluff SmartLevel capacitive sensorsPowerful SmartLevel capacitive sensors prove their worth even in applications where other sensors are no longer sufficient. SmartLevel sensors can realise applications that were previously impossible. This is even possible with critical conditions as SmartLevel sensors have more potential than other sensors.

Even in difficult situations


  • Compensate for damp, foam, and liquid films on vessel walls
  • Penetrate walls made of glass or plastic, even at thicknesses of more than 10 mm
  • Detect aqueous and highly conductive media

SmartLevel  - for lower costs


  • Adjustment-free installation and cleaning-free use for most applications
  • Reduced installation costs and simpler designs (e.g. no bypass tubes)

SmartLevel sensors extend the application spectrum, increase application reliability, and optimise the production process.

Level monitoring in filling machines