Connectors and connection cables – tailored to your requirements

An extensive range for every area of automation

Balluff offers a diverse range of connectors and connection cables that enable quick integration for rapid commissioning.

Full range
An extensive range of connectors for every area of automation including connection cables, bus connectors and bus accessories for nearly all networks. From M5 up to M23 or 7/8" for applications in the USA.

Diverse materials – Application-specific use around the world
Select the material depending on the place of use. PUR and PVC connections for Europe and TPE connections for the US market. Available in halogen-free or halogenated designs. We also offer versions for robotics which are drag-chain compatible or resistant to welding sparks or torsion.

Nothing can damage these cables, not even harsh conditions such as impacts or aggressive and abrasive media such as coolants and lubricants.

Versions with Ecolab approval or IP69K rating guarantee use in sectors as sensitive as the food industry with high hygiene standards.

Broad temperature range : -40 °C up to 180 °C
We also supply connectors and connection cables for high temperatures up to 180 °C or low temperatures down to -40 °C.

Full range for nearly all networks

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