Inductive distance sensors

For metallic targets

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Inductive distance sensors in use

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Inductive distance sensors easily detect the position, size, and material of metallic objects. The distance-related output signal opens up a range of diverse application scenarios.

Your benefits

  • Absolute, distance-related analogue signal
  • Compact, robust, and reliable


  • Monitoring of movements on joining, stamping, and clamping equipment in the machine construction sector
  • Detection of out-of-balances and axle spread

Inductive distance sensors - tailored to your requirements

Stainless steel housing

Inductive distance sensors - not only for the food industry


Mini styles with maximum performance

Better integration: mini-sensors for mini-actuators


Added value included

BAW Z01 inductive distance sensor with IO-Link interface


Analogue measurements but digital delivery?

Inductive distance sensors with digital output


Compact, precise, and stackable

Ring sensors with analogue output


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