Magnetic cylinder sensors

Reliable, wear-free position detection on all pneumatic cylinders

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Magnetic cylinder sensors in use

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Magnetic cylinder sensors are mainly used to monitor the piston position on cylinders and grippers. The field of the magnet integrated into the piston is detected by the sensor through the actuator wall. Thanks to the contact-free position detection method, our magnetic cylinder sensors are reliable and wear-free: no loss of contact material, no impacts, no adhesion, and only one switching point. The piston position is reliably detected even in the case of high process speeds.

Magnetic cylinder sensors - tailored to your requirements

Global cylinder sensors

Perfect hold in the pneumatic cylinder


For the C-slot

Mount cylinder sensors directly into the C-slot or with mounting brackets


For the T-slot

Mount cylinder sensors directly into the T-slot or with mounting brackets


Trapezoidal slot and guide

Top retention - sophisticated mounting bracket concept


For round cylinders

A hose clamp and mounting bracket secure the sensor to the opportune location


For tie rod cylinders

With mounting brackets for attachment to cylinders with tie rods and DUO rails


For short-hub cylinders

Mini-sensors for mini actuators


The all-rounders for the welding sector

High-temperature-resistant metal cylinder sensors


One slot is plenty

V-twin cylinder sensors


For pneumatic cylinders

Shortest possible designs


With analogue output

Precision in a compact housing


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