RFID increases the efficiency of the entire production process

Corporate areas that benefit from Auto-ID and RFID projects

Applications often required different tests, which provide the best possible solution when individually coordinated with each other. As the scope of performance of the components increases, however, it is becoming more of a challenge to utilise their possibilities in interaction.
This applies all the more in respect of the synchronicity of the entire production process. It seems that its complexity can only be mastered with great effort.

Not so with Industrial RFID. The highly versatile identification systems have huge potential to bring processes and workflows in the various corporate areas efficiently into sync.

Individual support

Balluff offers comprehensive, tailored support: from the concept to planning and commissioning and through to individual training courses.
Tell us about your task. We would be glad to advise you.

To do this, we create a requirements profile according to your specifications and propose an optimal system configuration. In consultation with you, the right hardware will then be selected.
During implementation, we take care of the hardware and software and make individual adaptations. Once all specifications have been fulfilled, functionality is guaranteed through testing.

Greater efficiency for the entire production flow

The most important corporate areas that benefit from Auto-ID and RFID projects:


Reading and visualisation of workshop data in real time, data preparation for a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), simultaneous documentation of the processing progress


E-kanban: Automatic checking of the box contents as well as shelf/warehouse stock. When the minimum stock level is reached, re-orders are placed automatically.


Data is traceable at all times thanks to continuous recording. Even after years.


The entire material and information flow is displayed in superordinate systems. For optimal inventory planning, and also for consumption-dependent calculation in the case of hired containers (loss).


Regular checking of all fleet users' driving licences. Once registered, the checking process runs automatically. All processes are logged in a database. To relieve the strain on fleet managers.

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