Systems and individual solutions

How users benefit from sound manufacturer knowledge.

What "individual solutions" means

Balluff provides you with professional project management when implementing systems. This results in tailored solutions, which are completely coordinated with your requirements. This guarantees the most practicable and cost-effective applications.

We use our systems to prepare a solution that is specially adapted to your application. Moreover, we can provide you with individual software for mobile and fixed communication. In this way, you can use our sound manufacturer knowledge purposefully.

If requested, we can guarantee perfect integration because we can carry out the installation and commissioning, as well as on-site adjustment. This increases productivity and efficiency. Find out more about these individual solutions.

How can manufacturer expertise be used purposefully
Based on an example using an individual solution with Tool ID

RFID reader, antenna, data carrier and power supply unit


  • Hardware – pedestal, control cabinet, panel PC and accessories
  • Visualisation – processing (software) the read data and displaying it on the screen
  • Intelligence – communicating with the machine control, implementing the RFID protocol in machine language


  • Installation – securing the pedestal on the floor or the machine, ensuring that the electrical supply is secure (pull cable, etc.)
  • Commissioning and adjustment – establishing a connection with the machine, adjusting the interface to the data mapping solution used by the customer, adapting the visualisation to meet customer requirements (configuration) etc., and providing individual training for the system installed by the customer
  • Coordination – determining, assigning and coordinating third parties, e.g. installation company or machine manufacturer, coordinating the installation and commissioning after discussions with the customer, etc.

About the process

After explaining the options with RFID, the on-site conditions (machines, tools, installation situation, etc.) are assessed and a requirements specification is drawn up based on your needs. The budget will be set and the best possible system configuration will be proposed. In consultation with you, the right hardware will then be selected and a commissioning schedule will be agreed.
During implementation, we take care of the hardware and software and make individual adaptations. Once all specifications have been fulfilled, functionality is guaranteed through testing. Each machine will be accepted by both parties. If requested, we can also provide training.


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