Better safe than sorry - simply screw your data on!

13.56 MHz RFID data screw for use with metal

It is not always possible to use a workpiece carrier in the production process. However, if it is nevertheless necessary to carry along the information directly on the object, it is essential that the data carrier be easy to mount to and remove from the object. A screw is ideally suited for this purpose.

Balluff 13.56 reusable data screws are designed for a metallic environment. They are available with a high enclosure rating and work reliably even over longer distances. Thanks to compliance with ISO 15693, they can be used worldwide.

Areas of application

  • Part tracking in manufacturing processes
  • Closed-loop applications where the data carrier is constantly reused
  • Identification of manufacturing equipment such as pressing tools
  • In assembly

Your benefits

  • High enclosure rating
  • Data carriers in screw form for really easy attachment
  • Long distances for more flexibility in your applications
  • Can be used worldwide thanks to compliance with ISO 15693

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