Tool ID: increased efficiency through improved processes

Tool identification with Industrial RFID

Unlimited reliability and more efficiency

Industrial RFID ensures maximum tool usage and high machine availability in modern manufacturing processes. Thanks to tool identification with industrial RFID, incorrect identification and missing tools are things of the past.

Paper-free tool information available at all times

All tool-related data is stored without contact on a data carrier that is firmly connected to the tool holder. Thanks to the automatic writing of data to the system memory, all information is correct and up-to-date at all times, since it is updated constantly as the tool is loaded and unloaded. Important information is no longer lost. On the contrary, it is always available thanks to electronic data transmission - even when the tool is taken out of the magazine.

Top tool usage to reduce costs

Continual checks ensure top tool quality, since prompt regrinding is ensured and the premature discarding of tools is avoided. Wear is reduced and stock levels can be precisely tailored to requirements. As well as increasing the quality of production processes, this reduces costs and increases profitability.

Quality assurance

Tool coding with RFID gives you unlimited reliability. It allows you to optimise quality and efficiency in your production processes. In addition, you can easily demonstrate to your customers that your processes are characterised by constant high quality.

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