IO-Link IP 20 sensor hubs

For easy integration into the machine

Easy installation with IO-Link under IP-20 conditions

The max. 16 channels of the IP 20 IO-Link sensor/actuator hub are freely configurable (input/output) and meet requirements for cost-effective, flexible wiring. IO-Link is connected with a 4-pin standard sensor cable. The connection of the periphery takes place using detachable screw-type terminal blocks.

IO-Link right up to the control panel!

The compact design enables easy and straightforward installation in switching cabinets, switch boxes, and control panel housings. Simply snap the plastic housing onto a mounting rail as per EN 60175 - and you're done!

IO-Link for integration into devices and device modules

Circuit board variants are available for integration into spatially limited, complex functional units. They can be installed using spacing bolts.

The benefits of the sensor hub

  • Inputs can be configured as normally closed or normally opened contacts as required
  • Easy integration of antivalent sensors as per DESINA
  • Max. sensor load current of 500 mA
  • Max. load current per output: 2 A

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