Fieldbus modules

A new generation - with exceptional configuration and diagnostics options

Balluff has developed fieldbus modules for the perfect connection of sensors and actuators that leave traditional types far behind them when it comes to functions and practicability. This new generation of modules has a reliable IP 67 design and a fully encapsulated housing. The devices are characterised by excellent configuration and diagnostics options via a display, LEDs, and integrated Web servers.

Display with unique features

You can use the display to call up all essential information for the initialisation and maintenance of machine networks. Thanks to the clear, plain-text display, all information is easy to read, so there are less read errors and associated far-reaching consequences. Easy handling with no additional tools ensures great ease-of-use. And groundbreaking functions make these fieldbus modules unique:

  • Entry of station number
    Fieldbus modules such as Profibus and DeviceNet modules are addressed by pushing buttons.
  • The IP addresses of the Ethernet modules are easy to set.
    Addressing takes place by pushing buttons instead of with a screwdriver. This means that your entries can be checked directly on the display, which significantly reduces errors. Easy handling reduces downtimes, thus increasing productivity. The transmission rate can also be set easily for Profibus and DeviceNet.
  • More device types can be connected up.
    Since the display can show more than two number strings, the range of device types that can be connected up is considerably larger, so your choice of devices is much more flexible.
  • Lock function: external locking via controller
    You can lock the display externally via the controller, which provides additional protection against manipulation. Unauthorised people are not allowed access and downtimes are significantly reduced. Naturally, the display function is still activated, so all data can be viewed at all times.
  • Multi-info display
    The hardware and software versions are displayed, meaning that all data is available in full and can be accessed for updates. This makes maintenance easier and ensures top-quality service.

LEDs - far more than just a clever design

  • Diagnostics function
    Balluff fieldbus modules have two LEDs.
  • Freely selectable events
    The user can use the controller to assign three different colour values to freely selectable events, thus adapting the function in line with his or her individual requirements.

Integrated Web server

A Web server is integrated into all Ethernet/IP and Profinet modules to act as a diagnostics and configuration tool. With a simple browser (i.e. without special software), you can display the module states on your computer. Thanks to additional information, these states can be remedied more quickly. The 1:1 depiction also provides added transparency.

Linear topology setup

Our fieldbus modules simplify the network setup, since they have an integrated 2-port switch. This means that in a linear topology you can achieve a direct connection with the controller without the need for an expensive external switch. All in all, they are a cost-effective alternative to hard-to-install star topologies.


Fieldbus modules

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