BIC Q40 bidirectional transfers data in both directions

Bidirectional inductive couplers transfer energy and data

Contact-free transfer

Inductive couplers render mechanical plug connections superfluous. This is because energy and data are transferred contact-free by inductive couplers via a recording gap. And data is even transferred in both directions if the new bidirectional coupling system in the 40×40 unicompact housing is used with IO-Link.

Wear-free connection increases machine availability

The wear-free, reliable connection increases machine availability and contributes to reduced downtimes. This then increases productivity.


The contact-free data transfer on IO-Link standard is set up transparently. This means that the BIC system works in the background and can be integrated without parametrisation via plug-and-play between master and device.

Irrespective of the IO-Link revision status, the system has a complete IO-Link interface. Events, parameter and process data are exchanged directly between the master and the device.

Mechanically separated and electrically connected:
BIC bidirectional – the contact-free IO-Link interface

  • Simultaneous control of actuators and gathering of sensor signals
  • AUX power for actuators can be switched on and off
  • Extremely easy installation via plug-and-play
  • IO-Link functions through to the device
  • Flexible process data lengths

The most important areas of application

  • Revolving tables (in assembly and the tool machine)
  • Workpiece carrier (e.g. workpiece clamping devices in C-type spot welding head systems)
  • Machines with interchangeable tools (presses, injection moulding tools)

Application example

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