Industrial-grade sensors for extreme conditions

Developed for tough applications

High technical demands

Adverse conditions often prevail in harsh industrial environments. The technology used here must withstand loads such as high temperatures, weld and metal spatter, flying sparks, shocks or aggressive cooling agents and lubricants.

Industrial-grade sensors: HALT-tested

Balluff provides a diverse spectrum of robust sensors with application-oriented cables and compatible accessories. Manufactured to master extreme situations, they are extremely resistant. As part of highly accelerated lifetime tests (HALT), they are tested in an accredited in-house lab over prolonged periods and optimised for tough applications.

Highly versatile — for a wide range of applications

Depending on the version, these robust, reliable components are temperature-resistant, shock-proof or resistant to the media used in industrial environments.

The most important features at a glance

High temperatures: Heat-resistant sensors and compatible accessories provide durable, stable solutions.

Flying sparks and metal spatter: Resistant, interference-free technology due to weld-immune sensors and metal-spatter-repellent coating on sensors and cables.

Mechanical wear and shocks: Industrial-grade sensors specifically developed for harsh environments with compatible accessories are also extremely reliable under high loads.

Cooling agents and lubricant: Sensors and accessories designed for aggressive, abrasive media.

Benefits of the particularly durable products

  • Long service life in tough environments
  • Raise system availability, minimise downtime
  • Lower costs
  • Internationally approved, available worldwide

Application example

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