Inductive mini-sensors

Mini styles with maximum performance

Balluff mini-sensors

Simple to install and integrate

Inductive mini-sensors with integrated electronics are designed for position detection in small spaces. They can be fully integrated when installed - in compact components such as linear units, valves, and actuators. This makes them ideal for applications with high dynamics. Thanks to their low weight, they enable extremely fast accelerations in the applications.


The inductive mini-sensors as available in the following designs:
  • Cylinders in D3 to M8
  • Cubes with a rectangular base in R03 and R04
  • Cubes with a square base in Q05 to Q08.


The smallest of the small - the supershorties - have a housing length of just 6 mm. Nevertheless, all of the electronics are integrated, so no external amplifiers are required.

Your benefits

  • Position sensing now possible where before there was no space for a sensor
  • Components can be further miniaturised since the sensors require less space

Inductive supershorties in use