Flexibly transmit energy and data

With inductive couplers

If modules need to be continually disconnected and coupled up in an automated fashion, inductive couplers from Balluff are ideal. Via a recording gap of 5 mm, they transmit energy and signals at the same time, reliably, and with high-performance values - without any contact at all. The quick-disconnect units are easy to use and maintenance-free. Because mechanical wear is no longer an issue. This means that system availability is significantly increased when Balluff's inductive couplers are used. The transmission of signals and energy via the recording gap is possible in parallel and with an IO-Link coupling.

Feeder in robot cells

Feeders provide robots with components such as body sheets. The fill levels of the feeders and the position of the manual tensioners must be constantly monitored using sensors. If a load carrier is
empty, this is reported and the robot switches to a second load carrier. The first load carrier
can now be filled up.

For the transmission of energy and signals to the load carrier, inductive couplers can be used instead of traditional plug connections, so that contact problems and the vulnerability of plug connections to failure are no longer an issue.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reliable energy and data transmission (12 W and up to 16 signals)
  • Compact housing
  • Disconnectable units; easy to handle
  • Easy installation thanks to plug-and-play function
  • Plug connection for M12 
  • Angular offset between base and remote possible 
  • Maintenance-free 
  • No mechanical wear 
  • Increased system availability

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