Capacitive sensors with analogue output

Analogue detection of objects/fill levels

Balluff BCS analogue sensorsAnalogue capacitive sensors detect objects without contact. This means that the objects are not subjected to mechanical wear. The measurement results are therefore not negatively affected by object colours or textures. In the case of different object materials, the output signal varies from the normal output signal of 4 to 20 mA and can be returned to the normal output signal by means of a user calibration that is easy to carry out.

Possible applications

  • Material selection
  • Measurement of non-metallic layer thicknesses
  • Product thickness monitoring
  • Height measurement
  • Determination of diameters
  • Static/dynamic shift
  • Recording concentricity
  • Concentricity and eccentricity
  • Axial and radial runout
  • Monitoring accuracy of fit

Analogue distance check for monitoring lid height

Analogue distance check for monitoring lid height