Angle light barriers

Looking round the corner

Balluff angle light barriersWhen it comes to precision and the detection of small parts and details, angle light barriers are unbeatable. Since they are a further development of the fork light barrier, they also have practically the same data. But their special design makes them really useful in lots of more challenging applications. Their design and beam geometry enable impact and the detection of objects from practically any direction. Balluff angle light barriers are available as red light and laser variants.


  • Assembly and handling technology
  • Robot systems
  • Position and location control

Your benefits

  • Extremely flexible assembly thanks to angled shape; easy installation even in difficult spaces
  • Most reliable type of object detection, since the light beam has to be physically interrupted: high precision
  • Quick commissioning since there is no need to adjust the transmitter or receiver and easy alignment thanks to visible light spot
  • High functional reliability since the transmitter and receiver cannot be adjusted out of place