More efficiency for intralogistics

Industrial RFID: Ferroident - powerful even on metal

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For optimised material flows

Increasingly complex production processes and part diversity means that internal material flows can easily become out of kilter. To prevent this, commodity and data flows can be linked with industrial RFID to ensure
smooth processes.

Traceability of all data

Balluff's BIS M contact-free industrial RFID products can record an entire production process for all batches and ensure that data is traceable. This means, for example, that you know exactly which materials, serial numbers, and machines were used - as well as where and when they were used. This ensures that your supply chain management is as safe as possible. With
industrial RFID, the supply and production chains are absolutely transparent.

Top production reliability in all environments

With Balluff Ferroident, quality fluctuations are a thing of the past. Errors are consistently avoided, since they are detected immediately and the affected part is returned, corrected, or discarded. Completely automatically! BIS M industrial RFID systems control processes themselves.

The powerful Ferroident enables optimum production safety: regardless of the carrier material and content. Not just in water, oil, or dust. But even on metal.

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Absolutely reliable, regardless of the content

  • Metals (aluminium, stainless steel etc.)
  • Plastics (PVC, Teflon etc.)
  • Liquids (water, oils etc.)
  • Natural materials (wood, rubber etc.)

In all environments - even on metal

  • Contact-free and robust
  • Small and powerful
  • Long read/right distance
  • Unlimited rewritability
  • Flexible and fast communication

The Ferroident is suitable for industrial use in any environment. And its unlimited read/write cycles ensure unrestricted, fast communication. This little 13.56 MHz powerhouse has a long range and can be integrated into all controllers.


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