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CC-Link HF processor

Industrial RFID from Balluff offers a high-frequency processor unit especially developed for CC-Link - the leading fieldbus protocol in Asia. It ensures fast and robust communication between different nodes. Since it complies with ISO 15693 and 14443 and uses the globally approved frequency of 13.56 MHz, it can be used all around the world.

Now right in the field

The BIS M-699 13.56 MHz HF processor can be used right in the field. It can be used where robust controllers are directly coupled using CC-Link. The variety of special data carriers, e.g. optimised for flush installation in metal, for temperatures of up to 200 °C, or for maximum distance, opens up areas of applications in practically all industry sectors.

Your benefits

  • Flexible use thanks to diverse range of possibilities for combining data carriers and antennas
  • Up to two antennas per processor
  • Tested quality with CC-Link certificate
  • You save time thanks to the connector-based cabling, easy-to-screw-on robust housing, and commissioning with ready-to-use function modules. The diagnostics function also reduces your efforts.

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