Micropulse transducer standard rod

Highly precise positional feedback – can be used extremely flexibly

Pressure rated

The rod designs' main application is in hydraulic drives. Installing the position sensor in the pressure area of the hydraulic cylinder means that it must be as pressure-resistant as the hydraulic cylinder itself.

The electronics are built into aluminium housing, while the waveguide is built into a pressure-resistant pipe made from non-magnetic stainless steel. This pipe is sealed on its front side by a welded-in plug. The flange on the opposite side seals up the high-pressure area via an O-ring. A position encoder ring with integrated magnets slides over the pipe or rod with an interior waveguide in order to mark the position to be measured.

Continuous position monitoring in the hydraulic cylinder


  • Automation technology
  • Hydraulically powered valves
  • Moulding lines and rolling mills
  • Pitch adjustment on wind turbines
  • Lifting and hoisting technology, lifting controls
  • Flight simulators


  • Flexible assembly offered by different thread types
  • Long service life thanks to wear-free and contactless measurement method
  • Expanded measurement options thanks to multi-magnet technology


  • Measurement lengths up to 7620 mm
  • Several strokes – one system: Multi-displacement measurement
  • Programmable output signals – invert, configure and document the measuring range
  • Measures the position and speed, difference and synchronicity
  • With analogue signals, digital interfaces and fieldbuses available

The system is ideal for applications providing position feedback and fill level monitoring in hydraulic cylinders.