Fill stand measurement with BUS M30E2 ultrasonic sensors

Resistant to chemicals – with a PTFE membrane

BUS M30E2 ultrasonic sensors BUS M30E2 ultrasonic sensors carry out contactless measurement of fill levels at normal pressure as well as in tanks and containers at an overpressure of up to 6 bar. A fill level measurement can be carried out at the same time as overflow protection through the combination of switch output and analogue output. A PTFE membrane protects the sensor against aggressive fluids.

A 1" threaded flange is used to ensure pressure-tight installation in a tank. Special software filters allow use in containers which are filled from the top or which have a stirrer.

Highlights for you

  • Contactless measurement with an operational scanning range of 30 mm up to 1.3 m and a maximum scanning range of 5 m
  • PTFE membrane for protection against aggressive media
  • Pressure rated to 6 bar
  • G1 process connection
  • Stainless steel housing for use in the food industry

Further features

  • Switch output and analogue output in a single sensor, or variants with two PNP switch outputs
  • Easy sensor setting via digital display
  • Enclosure rating IP 67

A food-safe ultrasonic sensor continuously monitors the fill level in containers at an overpressure of up to 6 bar.

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