Industrial graded - Robust handheld barcode reader BVS HS-P

Superior code reading characteristics for the harsh conditions of everyday manufacturing

Industrial hardened - lite to use

The BVS HS-P handheld barcode readers read all common 2D, 1D and stacked barcodes fast and reliably. As HDW variant High-resolution codes (to 2.5 mil for 1D) as well as large areas (up to Letter format / DIN A4) can be read up to 110 cm away. The DPW variant is optimized to solve up to 80% of all direct part mark applications.

The operator-friendly and ergonomic reader is intuitive and simple to use. Successful read is confirmed by audible signal and visual read confirmations.

The reader offers industry standard IP 65 protection and can withstand repeated drops on concrete from a distance of up to 2 m on concrete. This ensures reliable use in harsh environments in addition to logistics and warehousing.

Industrial graded handheld barcode Reader BVS HS-P.

Mobility ensured

The wireless models with Bluetooth give users maximum mobility up to 100 m from the base station.


  • Replenishment processes (e.g. Kanban systems)
  • Production control
  • Optical tool identification
  • Component tracking
  • Quality monitoring
  • Inventory management (e.g. Kanban systems)


  • Fast, reliable reading of common 1D, stacked and 2D barcodes, including direct part marked codes
  • Wireless operation via Bluetooth up to 100 m around the base station
  • Simple and intuitive handling due optical target system with easily visible laser marking frame
  • Operator-friendly, audible and visual read confirmations
  • Rugged, IP 65 rating and drop protection up to 2.0 m
  • Light weight and ergonomic shape eliminate fatigue
  • Up to 30,000 reads with wireless models thanks to lithium-ion batteries with one charge
  • Simple to integrate with USB, Bluetooth or RS232 interface


  • Does read high density code (down to 2.5 mil at 1D) as well as large areas (up to DIN A 4)
  • Maximum reading distance 110 cm


  • Optimized for reading direct marked barcodes and datamatrix codes

Application example

Directly part marked Data Matrix codes are an indispensable part of traceability applications in industry. For secure reading of direct marked codes even on difficult surfaces such as metal, the handheld barcode reader BVS HS-PC-DPW and BVS HS PB DPW have a specially adapted lighting and optimized reading algorithms.

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