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IO-Link in use

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We speak the language of IO-Link – in all areas

Be it distance measurement, object detection, identification, fluid or industrial networking – Balluff speaks the language of IO-Link in all areas.
After all, Balluff IO-Link incorporates sensors and fieldbus technology with an extremely wide range of functional principles.

What is IO-Link?

IO-Link is the first globally standardised IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communicating from the control unit to the lowest level of automation. The universally usable interface is a point-to-point connection, independent of a fieldbus, which works with an unshielded industrial cable.

What does IO-Link do?

IO-Link transfers sensor signals to the control unit and, in turn, transfers control data to the sensor/actuator level. With ground-breaking consequences.

Advantages of IO-Link at a glance

  • Maximum machine availability through extremely fast and error-free replaceability and commissioning
  • Demand-oriented maintenance thanks to advanced diagnostics
  • Efficient operation through the installation of IO-Link sensors direct at the working area
  • Simplified installation through uniform standard interface and 3-wire standard cable as typically used in industry

On site

IO-Link pressure sensors with optimal installation



IO-Link object detection with many functional principles


For a wide range of products

Linear position and distance measurement with IO-Link


Least expensive solution to traceability

RFID with IO-Link


IO-Link at its best

Networking variety without precedent


Condition-based Maintenance

Power supply units with predictive maintenance

More Condition based Maintenance

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