Photoelectric sensors

Impressive specialist sensors that check for presence, shape, colour, distance and thickness

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  • Through-beam light barriers
  • Reflective light barriers

Through-beam light barriers in use

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Reflective light barriers in use

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Photoelectric sensors check presence, shape, colour, distance, and thickness - optimised for robotics, automation, assembly, and handling. They are real experts with various strengths: detecting and counting parts, monitoring stack heights, through-glass detection, aligning small parts, detecting marks, fill level detection, and much more!

Photoelectric sensors - tailored to your requirements

Photoelectric Global sensors

First choice for standard applications


The smallest parts - top performance

Fork light barriers - for small spaces and high dynamics


The smallest of the small

Photoelectric mini-sensors: small shape, great performance


Whether black, grey, or white

Contrast sensors can tell the difference


They make the difference visible

Colour sensors


They can look round corners!

Angle light barriers


No space? No alternative!

Fibre sensors


Everything under control

Light grids


Record moving parts

Optical window sensors


Read invisible marks

Luminescence sensors


Detect distance and geometry

Photoelectric sensors with analogue output


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