The Balluff vision and mission are supported by our values

For the sake of our customers - our mission

"We improve the competitiveness of our customers by accompanying them in their processes over the long term and providing new opportunities for everyone involved through our passion for automation." How exactly do we achieve that? With the characteristics that have distinguished our company for decades: Innovative technology, tangible cost and use benefits in connection with individualized consultation and first-class service. And with 3,000 employees in and outside of Germany, who ensure all of this every day.

Looking ahead – our vision

Even if components and systems from Balluff usually seem inconspicuous, they are really everywhere. Like human sensory organs, they monitor and control automated production processes. As a partner with a broad view we see our vision as "applying the dedication of our employees to offer our customers innovative, holistic solutions and thereby assuming the top position in industrial automation."

With awareness of responsibility - our values

As a medium-sized, family-run company, we have always maintained a culture of sustainability and long-term planning. Values such as reliability, integrity and openness represent core components for directing the actions of our company and make a critical contribution to the success of our business. This is evidenced not least by the "Expertise award for innovation and quality in Baden-Württemberg" that Balluff GmbH was awarded in 2013.
We take responsibility—for our employees, customers and partners as well as for our role in society. We as an international company believe it is important to interact with every person on the planet with the same high regard and to act according to ethical principles at all times.
This responsibility is also reflected in our guiding principle of management: Decisions with accountability, constructive information exchange and open interaction form the environment for the ongoing personal development of our employees. We also value a safe and healthy workplace, customer orientation and trusting business relationships as well as protecting the environment and careful use of resources.
All of these tasks are firmly rooted in our culture. We are committed to addressing and embodying them each and every day. This is how we ensure the high quality and long-term success of our products and our business while continuing to be a trusted, dependable partner in the future.