The Balluff Story

A story which makes us proud

From bicycles to automobile industry partner

Bicycles, motorcycles and sewing machines form the starting point of a success story extending over more than 90 years. In 1921, Gebhard Balluff founds his mechanical repair shop, which develops into a business for precision, turned and milled parts. In the process Balluff also becomes a supplier to machine builder Heller. At the beginning of the 1950's Balluff produces cam switches for Heller based on their specifications and drawings, meeting the needs for the newly developed electric controllers for machine tools. As a consequence Heller gives Balluff responsibility for further developing these products. In 1956 this results in the first patented electromechanical limit switch: the beginning of a new era for Balluff as a partner in machine building.

From the inductive proximity switch to a full-line produce range

In 1968 production of the BES family of inductive proximity switches begins. By 1978 BOS photoelectric switches are added. The product portfolio is expanded just a year later when microprocessor-based cam switches together with angle encoders are introduced. BRG rotary cams go into production in 1980, followed by the BIS identification systems in 1984 and BTL Transsonar linear displacement transducers in 1987. Diversification continues uninterrupted. Today, Balluff GmbH provides a full-range assortment that is available for all areas of the automation industry.

From Neuhausen to a global company

Balluff begins early to internationalize the company and grow into a globally active corporate group. The first subsidiary is formed in Austria in 1971. A decisive step for the further growth of the company is taken in 1989 with the decision to build a production facility in Hungary. In the meantime this plant has grown into a company with over 650 employees. Standard products, volume and subassembly production ensure competitiveness in the international markets. More subsidiaries are added by the year, including the manufacturing plant in China in 2004. Today Balluff is represented in 68 countries by over 30 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 9 production facilities. This means Balluff can ensure worldwide availability of its products, market-oriented delivery times as well as high-quality service and on-site consultation.

Strengthening the home base

Balluff GmbH also expands their German headquarters. The parent company in Neuhausen a.d.F. is expanded in 1976 and 1984 with new plants. An additional production facility and new logistics center are dedicated in 2000. The new construction, which goes into operation in May of 2006, represents the most recent project for strengthening the German location. The investment in 2006 of around 8 million Euro is a clear "yes" to Neuhausen as headquarters.

Vocational training and promotion of young talent

Expansion at Balluff also means supporting qualified employees. Vocational training and continuing education are highly valued. Balluff GmbH gives its employees the opportunity to further educate themselves continuously as part of their daily activity. And to encourage the younger generation Balluff offers the opportunity for training or degree study in a program with the Cooperative State University in Stuttgart or the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. In 2014 Balluff is awarded the certificate for "outstanding commitment to training" by the Göppingen Employment Agency.


With over 3,000 employees today, Balluff stands for innovative technology, quality and maximum customer orientation - all over the world. As a global player, systems and solutions provider in industrial automation and with the strengthening of the German headquarters and promotion of employee development, Balluff as a modern family-owned company is ideally situated for meeting the growing challenges of the future as well.