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Steel and iron industry

The production of steel is very complex and involves high temperatures, shocks and vibrations under extremely difficult conditions. This imposes heavy demands on producers and machine manufacturers, and requires a reliable process with optimum quality management, making it essential to have systems and machines of the highest quality, which in turn requires the best technology.

Balluff products in all operating principles offer first-class sensors and systems with a matching, up-to-date connectivity programme for steelworkers and plant manufacturers. These are resistant to high temperatures, shock and vibration and extremely robust and reliable. Balluff products are optimised in an accredited in-house test laboratory using highly accelerated life testing (HALT).

Balluff technology ensures the highest levels of system availability so that machine capacity can be used continuously, whether in coke ovens, in blast furnaces, in hot and cold rolling, or in surface finishing. Its high quality means that it is also recommended for manufacturing other high-grade metals.

Balluff products are internationally approved and available worldwide. Its global service provides individual support and comprehensive services. Offering personal advice and individual solutions, Balluff can help wherever you are.

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