CC-Link module with NPN functionality

To ensure optimal operation

Extension of the CC-Link I/O family

Any supplier who wants to successfully deliver products to end customers in Asia cannot avoid CC-Link. CC-Link is the principle fieldbus technology in Asia. CC-Link is a standardised fieldbus designed to integrate the most diverse automation components of a wide range of providers. In addition, the open network is supported by the global CC-Link partnership CLPA, to which more than 1000 companies belong.

To ensure optimal operation

The Balluff CC-Link input module with NPN functionality supports the company's activities on the Asian market. This means that NPN sensors, which are widespread in both Asia and Canada, can be directly connected up.

The CC-Link NPN module enhances the already large CC-Link module product family offered by Balluff, meaning that you have more flexibility and benefit from easier handling. In addition, interoperability is guaranteed. The module has already been certified by the CC-Link user organisation CLPA.

CC-Link input module with NPN functionality

The modules are made of metal. This makes them very robust and suitable for harsh environments.

To ensure great usability, our modules have a high-resolution, light-intensive display that can be used to enter the node address, data transmission rate, and module information. The user interface is simple and self-explanatory. A further benefit: the display shows relevant information to make diagnoses easier and increase system availability.

The modules have an extra security function since the display functions can be locked from the superordinate controller. This prevents unwanted manipulations of the module.



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