Reliable transparent object detection

Optoelectronic sensors offer maximum safety and simple handling

Transparent objects present particular challenges to optoelectronic sensors. That is chiefly because of the low absorption levels, which demand very high switching sensitivity on the part of the sensors.
Such high switching sensitivity is something that a large number of Balluff optoelectronic sensors offer, so that you have a wide choice of designs for transparent object detection: laser fork light beams and reflection light beams – and the very latest addition – a diffuse sensor developed especially for glass detection. It is an excellent alternative for situations where reflection or fork light beams cannot be fitted.

Laser fork light beam

The precise switching characteristics of the laser fork light beam enable reliable detection of numerous transparent objects in industry: glass bottles, sheet glass, medical phials, PET bottles or sheets.

Like all fork light beams, it offers quick and easy commissioning. Because the transmitter and receiver are already aligned with one another. So there are no more problems with adjustment. What is more, only one electrical connection is required, so that the device is quick and easy to install.

The Balluff BGL 80A-009-S49 laser fork light beam has a fork width of 80 mm and, due to its high switching frequency of 5 kHz, is particularly suited to detection of small objects in fast production processes.

Other features

  • Connected by M8 plug (3-pin)
  • IP 67 enclosure rating
  • Switchable between make-switch/break-switch mode
  • Casing material die-cast zinc

Reflection light beam

For detecting transparent objects, a reflection light beam can also be used. Balluff offers a wide selection of types specially optimised for transparent object detection. Various versions of the highly successful BOS 6K and BOS 21M models can be recommended, depending on the installation situation, environment and distance from the object. They all operate with red light and are easy to align thanks to their visible light spot.

Because of its compact dimensions, the BOS 6K series is especially suited to installation in tight spaces. It is quick and easy to adjust by means of the Teach-In button or else via a control lead.
The BOS 6K–PU-1TA-S75-C model features auto-collimation optics and so has no blind spot, so that objects are reliably detected even "right in front of its nose". The strength of another version, the BOS 6K–PU-1QA-S75-C, is in the long range to the reflector. That enables it to function reliably even at long distances.

Other features

  • Ranges from 500 to 2000 mm
  • IP 67 enclosure rating
  • 1kHz switching frequency
  • Various versions: M8 connector (4-pin) or M12 connector (4-pin)
  • Antivalent output or switchable between make-switch/break-switch mode

The BOS 21M is also at home in uninviting environments. With its robust metal casing, it has already been successfully used in many applications in robotics, automation and packing systems.
Its larger casing makes it very versatile in installation: the reflector can be up to two metres from the sensor.

Our BOS 21M-PA-PT10-S4 model is adjusted by means of a potentiometer and so can detect transparent objects spanning a wide spectrum. Whether plastic or glass, no object gets past this reflection light beam undetected.

Diffuse sensor

Specialising exclusively in glass, the diffuse sensor in the BOS 18M casing is our infrared newcomer for glass detection. It can be recommended wherever reflection or fork light beams cannot be fitted

The special optics of the BOS 18M-PS-ID24-S4 sensor ensure that highly transparent objects such as glass surfaces on solar modules can be reliably detected. Its innovative electronics reliably convert even the slightest reflection of light from the surface into an output signal.
The sensor is also highly immune to extraneous light effects – and even objects in the background do not distract it.

Other features

  • Connection via M12 plug
  • IP 67 enclosure rating
  • 200Hz switching frequency
  • Make-switch output
  • Casing material: nickel-plated brass

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