Sensors and systems for drive and fluid technology

Achieve the best solution with the right sensor principle

If fluid and drive technology is to remain competitive in future too, the machines used here must guarantee a higher level of automation and minimal downtimes. To this end, the following requirements must be met, for example:

  • Product change via keyboard
  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Higher cycle times
  • Greater availability
  • Short changeover times

Balluff linear position measuring technology is well equipped to meet these challenges. And Balluff linear position measuring technology offers a wide range for many different uses – such as in mechanical engineering or for the generation of renewable and conventional energies. With the right sensor principle, you can achieve your ideal solution.

BTL rod micropulse linear position measuring system
The feedback system for hydraulic axes integrated in the pressure area of the cylinder

  • Pressure rated to 1000 bar
  • Analogue, digital, fieldbuses, Ethernet
  • With international Ex-approvals
  • In 34 mm stainless steel housing


BTL profile micropulse linear position measuring system
The cost-effective solution for external attachment

  • Robust and universal
  • Several positions with one system
  • Analogue, digital, fieldbuses, Ethernet
  • Up to 15 mm distance between position sensor and system. Contact-free!


BML magnet-coded linear position and angle measuring systems
Absolute and ultra-precise

  • Resolution of up to 1 µm
  • Absolute or incremental
  • Contact-free, for quick control applications
  • Small size


BES ultra pressure-resistant inductive sensors
Record valve positions and the end positions of hydraulic cylinders under pressure

  • Oil pressure rated up to 500 bar
  • Various designs: mini, short, wide, long
  • Binary or analogue
  • Ex-proof


BMF magnetic cylinder sensors
For reliable position detection on pneumatic drives

  • Extremely accurate and reliable switching behaviour
  • Contact- and wear-free
  • Tough
  • Small housing, can be installed flush


BSP pressure sensors
Record pressures flexibly and reliably

  • Compact housing design
  • IO-Link, analogue, digital
  • Local pressure display
  • Up to -40 °C

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