Solutions for the semi-conductor industry

Compact, reliable, high-performance and high-precision

Balluff offers a wide range of extremely reliable sensors, systems and related connectivity to meet the growing demands of the semi-conductor industry: For plant construction firms and for the manufacturing process itself. Our customer-specific solutions also contribute to ensuring that the plant used for the manufacture of semi-conductors can be used extremely efficiently and with a high level of availability.


Areas of application

Fluid level and leak detection
Capacitive sensors safeguard processes in the semi-conductor industry

Balluff's BCS capacitive sensors are used for fluid level detection. They detect every type of material including non-conductive materials, e.g. fluids, granules and powder, either in direct contact with, or through, container walls.
For the first time, even concentrated acids and lyes can be reliably detected through plastic containers with wall thicknesses of up to 10 mm using our SmartLevel technology. In the process, the SmartLevel sensors compensate for moisture, foam and adhesion of all kinds. The ease of assembly and integration, even in existing systems, also reduces costs.


Wafer processing – step-by-step handling
Reliable position detection between sensitive process steps

Miniaturisation in the semi-conductor industry continues apace. For the wafer and carrier handling sectors, Balluff offers mini sensors which meet this exact requirement. For example, various technologies are available in miniature design:
optoelectronic, inductive, capacitive and fibre-optic sensors for object detection and distance measurement.

Namur sensors are suitable for the low-voltage sector.

The benefits to you

  • Efficient use of plants thanks to high-precision, high performance products
  • High plant availability thanks to the reliable sensor technology
  • Compact design thanks to miniaturised sensor solutions

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