Absolute feedback systems for drive technology

Compact, real-time capable, high resolution BML-S1H position sensors

Increase productivity and conserve resources

If the aim is to increase productivity and conserve resources, efficient, intelligent and controlled drives with attached or integrated position measurement systems for feedback and position detection are a must.

In this way, you can, for example, facilitate fast, reliable automatic adjustment of the formats, lifts and end positions of the axes. This ensures flexible production and supports productivity.
At maximum speed, the dynamic drive control, which is matched precisely to the product, also guarantees an energy-efficient production process. In the case of linear axes of punching, nibbling, and bending machines, this can ensure highly dynamic and positioning accuracy.

BML-S1H absolute feedback system – with a small footprint, it can either be integrated or fitted externally in the case of compact housings

The extremely small BML-S1H add-on systems in the metal housing can find room in the tiniest installation space, and are ideally suited to individual integration in electrical drives.

High-precision and dynamic – increases energy efficiency and improves the quality of the drive.

The real-time capable BML-S1H position sensors operate contact-free with high linearity so that even in the case of highly dynamic applications with a processing speed of up to 10 m/s, they deliver optimum position feedback for ideal control quality – and with maximum energy efficiency at that. Thanks to its 1 µm resolution, precision classes of up to ± 7 µm are achieved.

Reliable functionality thanks to the perpendicular permagnet magnetisation

Balluff magnetic tapes are magnetised in a particular way, i.e. perpendicularly. This means that they offer a totally homogeneous magnetic field which guarantees high functional reliability and scaling quality.

Areas of application for the BML-S1H position measurement systems

  • Electrical axes
  • Motors
  • Linear versions
  • Pick-and-place units
  • Drive sector for measurement and testing equipment


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