Colour sensors

Colour detection and recognition

Balluff colour sensorsWhether you require reliable colour detection during fast processes or excellent sensitivity to colour for dank tones - our colour sensors are designed for a wide spectrum of applications. They work with pulsed white light and are thus particularly insensitive to ambient light. The light reflected back from the object is recorded by three different receivers (red, green, and blue) and analysed.

If it's not merely a case of different colours but also about checking fine nuances of shade, Balluff's photoelectric products offer great quality that leaves competitors far behind. True colour sensors can recognise even small colour variations and can detect whether metal entering production is polished or unpolished. Faded colours can be reliably sorted out and print qualities can be instantly detected, which means completely new standards for quality control.


Colour sensors open up a field of diverse applications in sectors such as packaging technology, robotics, automation, quality assurance, and the process control industry. Simplify and speed up automated processes with diverse colour sensors
- for the detection of nuances of shade in rugs and textiles and of colour markings
on packaging and labels.

True color sensor in use


Colour sensors