Sensor/actuator hubs with IO-Link

Easy installation, efficient configuration, and consistent diagnostics

 Balluff sensor hubs with IO-Link really efficiently extend machine installations. Up to 16 standard sensors can be connected up quickly, conveniently, and reliably. Each input can be configured as a normally closed or normally open contact using
a parameter set. This ensures a high level of flexibility, since DESINA antivalent sensors can be easily coupled up. Via the standard 3-wire cable, a full process
image is available in just 2 ms.

The IO-Link actuator hubs fulfil requirements relating to passive safety for the switching of outputs as per Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 954-1 Category 3, EN 13849-1, and EN 62061 SIL2. The I/O block is split into two galvanically isolated segments, so that two separately switchable safety circuits can be implemented using a single module.

The analogue sensor hub allows you to choose between two further variants with a current and voltage interface, so that non-IO-Link-capable analogue sensors can be reliably connected up. Four analogue channels extended with four further standard digital dual input ports as per IEC 61131 can be used. They work with a resolution of 10 bits.

Configurable sensor/actuator hubs ensure top flexibility. Parameter sets allow each port to be used separately as an input or output. To increase the output power, you can use the modules with an additional voltage supply.


Balluff sensor hubs with IO-Link are available in plastic or metal with enclosure rating IP 67 or IP 20. Metal sensor hubs have a fully encapsulated housing so that impacts and corrosive liquids are not an issue. They are designed for temperatures of up to 70 ºC and for use in extremely harsh industrial environments. Sensor hubs are also available with an integrated coding function, which is particularly useful for tool identification.

All sensor hubs are easy to install and easy to maintain. Bright status LEDs clearly show their status. Port-specific single-channel monitoring detects short circuits and overloads on the port and provides a high level of selective diagnostics capability that is unique for devices with this kind of function.

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