A powerful high-frequency package ensures maximum transparency

BIS M-350 HF antenna

One of the challenges of intralogistics is the transport of constantly changing materials. However, smooth operations and transparent processes are required despite the wide variety of products. A requirement that is not always easy for RFID systems. This is because metallic surfaces, fluids, and dirt really put these systems to the test. Not the BIS M-350 HF antenna, though. The antenna and its optimised data carriers easily overcome such difficulties and reliably ensure maximum transparency. This means that all data can be tracked.

Areas of application

The advantages of the BIS M-350 HF antenna are immediately obvious in all applications where the data carrier is mounted directly on metal or where the material in the immediate vicinity cannot be predetermined accurately, for example when products are transported in crates. BIS M sensors easily suppress the different materials, which means that water, oil, dust and metal have absolutely no effect on the high-performance data carriers.

Your benefits

  • Distances of up to 130 mm - regardless of the background - offer added flexibility
  • FRAM data carriers ensure practically unlimited read/write cycles.
  • Can be used world-wide thanks to ISO 15693 conformity.
  • Status displays directly on the antenna housing make everyday life easier.
  • Robust housing ensures reliable function in harsh environments.
  • 100 % RFID quality means greater reliability.